Finding a Good Cycle Mechanic

Good mechanics take their time with customers bikes, they do not rush procedures and they make sure they perform each step carefully. That means they will not be able to a large number of customers

Good mechanics also get good referrals and their diaries fill up quickly

Good Solo mechanics do not over book in jobs during the day as they are not rushing to get to the next customer

Good mechanics take care of your bike

Beyond good mechanics are great mechanics, yet even they can make mistakes, they are human and bicycle mechanics is an art where it may take several visits to perform certain procedures

Good mechanics will keep the customer informed and make any recommendations

Good mechanics will talk customers through any work required, to be able to diagnose any symptoms and authorise any work and parts required

Good mechanics will be qualified to the industry standard, have liability insurance, correct tools and have a stock of quality parts suitable for your bike

Bad Mechanics will often offer comments such as “see how that goes”, “it needs bedding in”, “I think its ok now“, in other words he did not really know, he’s just hoping!

A list of approved Good Bicycle mechanics can be found HERE

Disclaimer, as with any business always call the mechanic direct, check their web site and ask if they are qualified to the industry standard, have they got liability insurance and make sure you feel happy with them working on your bike.

by Ben Toft

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