Winter Bike Servicing

Lights go back at the weekend so for many cyclists its time to put the Summer Bike away and get the Winter Bike out

If your Summer bike as not had a hard summer of riding then the best way to store your Summer bike is to

  • Give it a good clean,
  • oil on the chain
  • Release the tension on the brakes
  • Deflate the tyres
  • Try to store it off the ground and indoors
  • For bikes with front suspension, every so often tip it upside down so the oil in the forks can get to where it does all the work at the top

However if you have done a lot of miles through the summer it would be advisable to have a full overhaul service done on your bike, At Cycle Tech Oldham on an Overhaul Service we will completely strip your bike to the frame, clean everything and rebuild it with fresh grease, new gear and brake cables, and where applicable new bar tape which is all included in the price, the only extra costs would be for any parts that required replacing (no extra labour as the bike is already stripped)

It would also be a good idea to have your suspension serviced before you put it away, this way you can make sure its clean inside, freshly lubricated and any water/ condensation is cleaned out to prevent internal damage and corrosion

Before you get your winter bike out and start using it why not have it serviced at Cycle Tech Oldham to make sure its ready for the winter!



by Paul Smith

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