Orbea bikes at Cycle Tech Oldham

Exciting times at Cycle Tech Oldham and over the next few weeks we will have some fantastic announcements to make!

The first exciting news is that we have become an Official Dealer for Orbea Bikes in the Oldham area

We have a wide range of Mountain bikes, Hybrids and road bikes in stock, plus in a few weeks the kids bikes will arrive. Bikes are available in a wide range of colours and certain models can be ordered in the colours of your choice.

Soon, our web site will be updated with an Orbea Bike shop where bikes can be ordered on a “click and collect” basis, and as with all the bikes we sell, bike build and PDI, Plus a first service are included in with the price

To see the full range of Orbea bikes click here


Who are Orbea?

In 1840 the Orbea Brothers, opened a small workshop in the heart of Basque Country in Eibar. With relentless work and ambition, the workshop grew to become the first factory in a city eventually dedicated to industry.

Over time, the factory became a leader amongst its peers, pioneering many innovative products and manufacturing procedures. Since that time we’ve maintained the innovative spirit of the Eibar factory, constantly adapting our products for our customers. When guns were no longer the business of Orbea, we used our innate knowledge of steel tubing to build bicycles of all types, from the premium to the most basic.

The cycle of progress never ends with our team of passionate individuals and champions who constantly innovate and adapt to the changing marketplace and rider needs. The best of Orbea is always in our work, and because of it we are always seeking new ways to improve and make the best bicycles on Earth.

by Paul Smith

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