Free Cycle Breakdown Recovery with every new Adults Bike Bought from Cycle Tech Oldham

There is nothing worse than breaking down or having an accident on your bicycle miles away from home and then having to push it home or wait for someone to come out and pick you up

At Cycle Tech Oldham we have teamed up with Lexham Cycle Insurance (who not only offer Bicycle Insurance from only £17.00 per year but they offer Cycle Recovery cover like you would have for your car) and we are offering 12 months Free Cycle Recovery with every adults bike bought from Cycle Tech Oldham that includes road bikes, Hybrids, Mountain Bikes and electric bikes.

The breakdown insurance covers:

  • Punctures
  • Accidents
  • Vandalism
  • Irreparable Breakdowns

You need to be more than a mile from your home address and you are allowed up to 3 call outs per year

If you already have a bike and wish to purchase Lexham Cycle Recovery cover or you would like further information click on the link below


Lexham Cycle Recovery

For information on the bikes we stock

Contact us for more information


by Paul Smith

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