Internal Cable Routing

With more and more bicycles being fitted with internal cable routing it is increasingly becoming more difficult for the bicycle owner to replace the cables at home.

Some of the latest high end road bikes actually have the gear and brake cables routed through the handle bars and through the headstock before it gets to the frame, so nothing is visible at all until you get to the actual brake calliper or derailleur.

This is making the simple job of replacing cables a fiddly and near impossible job to do without the right tools, at Cycle Tech Oldham we have invested in the latest Park Tools internal cable routing equipment from the USA so we can keep up with the latest developments in internal cable routing




With prices starting at £10.00 to replace an externally fitted cable (parts and labour), its not that much more expensive for a standard internal cable to be replaced.

For some of the more expensive bikes fitted with Ultegra or Dura-ace, Spram and Campagnolo, there will be manufacturers recommended cables available, but the fitting cost is still the same.

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by Paul Smith

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