Happy Customers collects Orbea MX40 MTB

What can I say, another happy customer collecting his new Orbea MX40 from Cycle Tech Oldham this morning.

This Orbea was purchased through Halfords Cycle to Work Scheme so if your employer has signed up with Halfords for Cycle to work bikes, you can use your voucher here at Cycle Tech Oldham.

We have a large range of bikes from Orbea, Forme, Barracuda and Raleigh, which include Road Bikes, Hybrids, Mountain Bikes and Electric bikes.

As well as Halfords we work with most of the major Bike to work schemes, Bike2work.co.uk, cyclescheme.co.uk, Cycle Solutions and Bikes for Staff (NHS).

So call up and see us to discuss your next bike



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by Paul Smith

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