Shimano DI2 servicing and repairs at Cycle Tech Oldham

If you run a Shimano DI2 group set on your bike then you will be aware how fantastic and reliable the various DI2 systems are.

However from time to time even DI2 needs a mechanical “tweak” or a software update.

At Cycle Tech Oldham our staff (ok me) have been trained by Shimano’s Technical Support Team to maintain your DI2 Group sets as per the manufacturers guidelines, which will get you the best out of your bike.

We can service your DI2 group set as part of a normal bike service or we can carry out a DI2 Group set service on its own.  this includes checking your DI2 for software updates, checking the gears are set up correctly, adjust as required and we can even modify the way it changes gear dependent on how you ride your bike, a rider who races may want it to change gear differently to someone who commutes.

If you don’t currently have DI2 fitted to your bike and would like an upgrade we can also help with that by supplying the correct parts first time and just as important, setting it up correctly, The system uses very powerful moving parts, if they are not set up correctly they can damage your frame.

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by Paul Smith

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