Shimano Free-hub upgrade at Cycle Tech Oldham

Customer dropped a 1980’s road bike in with a gear indexing fault, the bike is equipped with an early Shimano 105 group set and down tube Indexed shifters

After a quick inspection the rear cassette was found to be worn and bent, requiring a replacement, the early Shimano cassettes were a product called Uniglide and unfortunately the parts are no longer available unless you troll through ebay, but then you run the risk of getting already worn out parts.

The solution was to convert the Uniglide Freehub body to a more modern Hyperglide Freehub body which will allow any Shimano Hyperglide cassette to be fitted to the bike.

Upgrade complete, new cassette and chain fitted, gear change is like new again


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Making a shimano freehub toolStripped uniglide freehub body

Making up a freehub tool                                                                                           Stripping the Uniglide Free hub down


7 speed shimano hyperglide freehub body

                                          7 speed cassette fitted to a new 7 speed Hyperglide Free Hub-body









by Paul Smith

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