What is a bike service at Cycle Tech Oldham

When you drop your bike off at Cycle Tech Oldham for a service, what exactly do we do to service your bike?

Well apart from some “Black Magic” adjusting the gears, we follow the cycle industry standard “M Check” inspection

On a service we will also:

  • Strip wheels, clean and re-grease wheel bearings, if worn we will replace them
  • True wheels
  • Adjust brakes
  • Adjust Gears
  • Torque up all the nuts and bolts that hold your bike together
  • Lubricate what needs lubricating with the correct oils / grease
  • Pump up the tyres
  • Road Test

If we find any faults that need repairing we will contact you with an estimate before we carry out any repairs.


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by Paul Smith

One thought on “What is a bike service at Cycle Tech Oldham

  1. Gerald Vest says:

    Servicing is important to us – as cyclists we know that keeping a bike in tip-top condition and working as it should makes every ride more enjoyable.I find a good service list from your blog. Nice ! keep servicing .

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