Elite home trainer demo at Cycle Tech Oldham

With Winter around the corner its time to blow the dust off the turbo trainer which sounds like a Boing 747 landing on your house, stare at the wall for an hour or two riding your bike getting very bored, very fast.

Or you could treat yourself, or treat your loved one to an Interactive home trainer from Cycle Tech Oldham, starting at only £299.00 our Elite home trainers are very quiet and fully interactive with various online training programs such as Zwift or Elites own interactive training program.

If you have never tried an interactive home trainer then call up to the shop and try our demo trainer, connected to Zwift you can experience riding with other like minded cyclist all over the world, join group rides, races or ride on your own, interact with other cyclist or your friends on line. The real fun starts when you start peddling, with the Elite smart trainer you will never have to manually adjust the resistance again, go up an hill and the Elite smart trainer will up the resistance, want to sit on some ones wheel, draft and have a rest, you can do that too.

We also have the floor mats, wheel blocks, lap top stands and ant+ dongles in stock making Cycle Tech Oldham a One Stop Shop for home training, plus if you want to spread the cost, buy it on interest free finance over 12 months

For more information call us on 0161 652 7566 or complete the form below



by Paul Smith

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