Professional Bike Fitting at Cycle Tech Oldham 

Bike Fit

Bike Fitting is for all cyclists, not just the elite. Using the Bike Fit System and advanced body positioning system as used by Cycling Coaches, Sports Coaches, Professional and Elite athletes all over the world.  In conjunction with the Bike Fit system we are the first bike studio in the UK to use the Velogicfit 3D Fit system.

Whether you want to ride faster, more comfortably or without pain, a bike fit can help you.

When you book a fitting at Cycle Tech Oldham we will email you a questionnaire so we can find out some things about you before the fit. At the Fit we start with an informal chat and go though the questionnaire so we can understand what exactly you want to get out of a bike fit, learn about your cycling history and any medical conditions you may have (or have had).

We will then ask you to ride your bike so we can take a look at your basic fit and make any minor adjustments we feel necessary before carrying out a full fit

You make contact with your bike at three points, Feet, bum and hands. Starting at your feet and cleats we will then fit your bike to you concentrating on the three contact areas. As everyone in the world is different we don’t just reply on a computer telling us how your bike should be set up. We set your bike up to you and your body, we will also ask you for input as we make the changes so we both know we are making progress in the right direction.

When the fit and the alterations have been completed we don’t just wish you well and send you on your way. We want you to ride your bike for at least 3 week so your body can get used to the changes and then come back for a second meeting. Here we can discuss the changes we made on the previous visit and if we need to make any further adjustments we can.


New Cleat / Shoe Fit

If you buy new cycling shoes or cleats they will need to be professionally fitted. If not it will ruin any previous bike fit and could cause you unnecessary pain and uncomfort. Bring your new shoes / cleats to us and we will professionally fir them. If you buy the new cleats from us then we will give you 10% off the parts costs.


Bike Sizing Report

If you are looking to buy a new bike, from us, from another shop or you want to know which bikes fit you best, we can help. We will measure you up and give you a report of the best bikes that will fit you or which bikes the manufacturer of your choice fit you. If you buy a bike from us then there is no charge for this service


New Bike / Second bike set up

If you have already had a bike fit with us and you buy a new bike, or want another bike adjusting to suit your body we can do this quite quickly as we keep a detailed record of all bike fits. We will carry out any adjustments as required without having to have a full fit again.


Saddle / Sit Bone Measuring

Looking for a new seat can be a minefield, different designs, shapes and sizes.  Having your Sit bone accurately measured takes a lot of the guess work out of choosing a seat.  If you buy your saddle from us the Sit Bone measurement is free.



Cycle Tech Oldham Bike Fit Price List

  • Comprehensive Bike Fit £125.00
  • New Cleat / Shoe fit £30.00
  • Bike Sizing Report £30.00
  • New Bike / Second bike set up £30.00
  • Sit Bone measurement £15.00 (free if you purchase a saddle off us)


What our Customers say:


To book your bike fit click the “Book Now” button or if you would like to speak to Paul about how a bike fit could benefit you then call 0161 652 7566