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Internet Bike Sales

Do you sell Bikes on the Internet, we can help, why not send the bike to us (or another Cycle Tech UK Member), we will build it up and deliver it to your customer ready to ride!

This service will minimise the risk of the bike being returned if the customer does not build it properly or breaks a part and sends it back as damaged.


Business Users

If your business runs a bicycle or a fleet of Bicycles, Cycle Tech Oldham can offer a bespoke repair and maintenance service, specific to your companies requirements.
•Fixed Price Servicing – Agreed repair and maintenance rates, parts discounts can be agreed for a 12 month period
•Bike Plan Maintenance Contracts – Fixed Price Servicing only Maintenance contract (see below for further details)
•Fixed Price Maintenance Contracts – Dependant on the size and type of the Bicycle fleet we can tailor a Fixed Price

Maintenance Contract specific to that fleet, one Monthly fee per bicycle or fleet, which will cover all mechanical repairs and servicing as required



In the current economic climate, controlling bicycle costs and downtime is of the highest priority. At Cycle Tech Oldham we have spoken to our customers at great length and with their suggestions in mind and our experience created “Bikeplan”, an all Bicycle / Tricycle (and trailer) makes fixed price maintenance plan.

Bikeplan will help you reduce and budget your maintenance costs by including all of the following:
•Inspections, to exceed British standards (BS6102)
•Servicing to Manufacturer’s standards
•Annual Brake & Gear Cable replacement
•All service parts, oils, lubricants, bulbs, consumables, Gear & Brake cables
•Management of service schedules
•Available for any make of Bicycle, Tricycle & bicycle trailer
•No hidden extra charges
•Monthly fixed cost

If you want to reduce your downtime, increase your profit, have a priority service, have competitively priced repairs, have a fixed monthly charge with no complicated small print and make immediate savings, Bikeplan is for you!

Note; Any repairs not included in the service would be charged extra

If you would like any further information on what we can offer your business please contact Paul Smith on 0161 652 7566 / 0750 495 4249 or email

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