What is a bike service at Cycle Tech Oldham

When you drop your bike off at Cycle Tech Oldham for a service, what exactly do we do to service your bike?

Well apart from some “Black Magic” adjusting the gears, we follow the cycle industry standard “M Check” inspection

On a service we will also:

  • Strip wheels, clean and re-grease wheel bearings, if worn we will replace them
  • True wheels
  • Adjust brakes
  • Adjust Gears
  • Torque up all the nuts and bolts that hold your bike together
  • Lubricate what needs lubricating with the correct oils / grease
  • Pump up the tyres
  • Road Test

If we find any faults that need repairing we will contact you with an estimate before we carry out any repairs.


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Shimano Free-hub upgrade at Cycle Tech Oldham

Customer dropped a 1980’s road bike in with a gear indexing fault, the bike is equipped with an early Shimano 105 group set and down tube Indexed shifters

After a quick inspection the rear cassette was found to be worn and bent, requiring a replacement, the early Shimano cassettes were a product called Uniglide and unfortunately the parts are no longer available unless you troll through ebay, but then you run the risk of getting already worn out parts.

The solution was to convert the Uniglide Freehub body to a more modern Hyperglide Freehub body which will allow any Shimano Hyperglide cassette to be fitted to the bike.

Upgrade complete, new cassette and chain fitted, gear change is like new again


If you run a vintage bike and would like to discuss any repairs or conversions then get in touch


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Making a shimano freehub toolStripped uniglide freehub body

Making up a freehub tool                                                                                           Stripping the Uniglide Free hub down


7 speed shimano hyperglide freehub body

                                          7 speed cassette fitted to a new 7 speed Hyperglide Free Hub-body









Chain ring replacement at Cycle Tech Oldham

Customer dropped this off today, said he had tried to remove the front chain ring to replace the bottom bracket but it was a bit tight and could I have a look at it

Everything was damaged so unable to use the Park Tools chain ring removal tool, however with a bit of improvisation and a big hammer, chain ring removed, bottom bracket came out with half the threads so quick re-tap and job done ready for the new bottom bracket

DSCN0068 DSCN0070

As well as normal routine servicing and repairs, at Cycle Tech Oldham we like a challenge and we can normally sort out any problem you may have with your bike


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Replacing dirty bar tape

Is your bar tape looking a bit grubby?

Why not have it professionally replaced at Cycle Tech Oldham, we have a choice of colours and we can also fit gel pads under the bar tape at the same time if required.

If your gear and brake cables run under the bar tape, have you noticed them getting stiff lately? you could also have those replaced whilst the bar tape is off and save a job at a later date


New Bar tape at cycle tech oldham



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Shimano DI2 servicing and repairs at Cycle Tech Oldham

If you run a Shimano DI2 group set on your bike then you will be aware how fantastic and reliable the various DI2 systems are.

However from time to time even DI2 needs a mechanical “tweak” or a software update.

At Cycle Tech Oldham our staff (ok me) have been trained by Shimano’s Technical Support Team to maintain your DI2 Group sets as per the manufacturers guidelines, which will get you the best out of your bike.

We can service your DI2 group set as part of a normal bike service or we can carry out a DI2 Group set service on its own.  this includes checking your DI2 for software updates, checking the gears are set up correctly, adjust as required and we can even modify the way it changes gear dependent on how you ride your bike, a rider who races may want it to change gear differently to someone who commutes.

If you don’t currently have DI2 fitted to your bike and would like an upgrade we can also help with that by supplying the correct parts first time and just as important, setting it up correctly, The system uses very powerful moving parts, if they are not set up correctly they can damage your frame.

For further information on DI2 maintenance call in or give us a call


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Happy Customers collects Orbea MX40 MTB

What can I say, another happy customer collecting his new Orbea MX40 from Cycle Tech Oldham this morning.

This Orbea was purchased through Halfords Cycle to Work Scheme so if your employer has signed up with Halfords for Cycle to work bikes, you can use your voucher here at Cycle Tech Oldham.

We have a large range of bikes from Orbea, Forme, Barracuda and Raleigh, which include Road Bikes, Hybrids, Mountain Bikes and Electric bikes.

As well as Halfords we work with most of the major Bike to work schemes, Bike2work.co.uk, cyclescheme.co.uk, Cycle Solutions and Bikes for Staff (NHS).

So call up and see us to discuss your next bike



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Bicycle Gears Slipping

One of the most common repairs is for “Slipping gears”, normally a quick check reveals an excessively worn chain and in some cases a worn cassette as well

Picture on the left is a new cassette, picture on the right is a worn cassette, if the teeth on your cassette resemble the ones on the right (sharks teeth) it will need replacing

Cycle Tech Oldham will check your bike for free and can carry out any repair to your bicycle at a very competitive price



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Internal Cable Routing

With more and more bicycles being fitted with internal cable routing it is increasingly becoming more difficult for the bicycle owner to replace the cables at home.

Some of the latest high end road bikes actually have the gear and brake cables routed through the handle bars and through the headstock before it gets to the frame, so nothing is visible at all until you get to the actual brake calliper or derailleur.

This is making the simple job of replacing cables a fiddly and near impossible job to do without the right tools, at Cycle Tech Oldham we have invested in the latest Park Tools internal cable routing equipment from the USA so we can keep up with the latest developments in internal cable routing




With prices starting at £10.00 to replace an externally fitted cable (parts and labour), its not that much more expensive for a standard internal cable to be replaced.

For some of the more expensive bikes fitted with Ultegra or Dura-ace, Spram and Campagnolo, there will be manufacturers recommended cables available, but the fitting cost is still the same.

If you would like an estimate, to discuss replacing your gear and brake cables with us or discuss any other repair contact us below


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Hydraulic Brake Repairs at Cycle Tech Oldham

Do your Hydraulic brake lines look like this, at Cycle Tech Oldham we can carry out any modification and repair as required on all bicycle hydraulic brake makes and types

This regular customer has bought a frame and whilst swapping all the parts over realised he needed some professional help to sort the rear brake line out as it was too long, brake line cut, new olive and insert fitted, re-bleed and good to go

At Cycle Tech Oldham we understand some customers need to their keep costs down and we are more than happy to help even if you have done some of the repairs yourself and just need help finishing it off



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Cycle Repairs at Cycle Tech Oldham

Business as usual this morning in the workshop, servicing and repairing bicycles, getting commuter bikes ready for the first day back to work on Monday

We still have the Winter Service Special offer on at £19.99, which includes a full Inspection (M Check), adjust brakes and gears.



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