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What is a tag-a-long?

Tag-a-longs are a simple but fantastic invention which is great for longer outings with younger children. It’s essentially a children’s bike minus the front wheel, which is easily attached to most adult bikes (wheel sizes 26″ to 29″. The child can then pedal along, but can opt out if they start to tire.

Who needs a tag-a-long?

Tag-a-longs tend to be used by children between the ages of 4 and 6, and the child needs to be relatively confident at cycling. As their section is held up by your bike, it doesn’t matter if they aren’t used to riding without stabilisers, as balance isn’t required. Tag-a-longs make longer journeys much more interesting for children and also easier for parents as you can keep up a faster pace and not have to worry about cutting a ride short.

Product description

  • Folding arm for easy storage
  • 20″ Wheel
  • Universal Q/R Hitch – fits most cycles
  • Single Speed
  • Safety flag
  • BMX Style handlebar


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