On Guard locks insurance approved locks at Cycle Tech Oldham

It seems you cant open a Social Media site lately without some unfortunate cyclist posting a picture of their bike asking for people to keep an eye out for it as its been stolen

With this in mind, plus our apprentice having his bike stolen at college we decided to test a few of the “cheaper” but commonly sold locks, and shockingly I cut though them with a standard set of workshop pliers very easily.

As a result of this I have removed all the “cheaper” none branded locks off the shelves as I believe I should only sell products I would use myself, especially where security is concerned!

Over the last few weeks I have been talking to suppliers, reading reviews and as a result of my findings I am now only stocking On Guard locks, which are “Sold Secure”, the Insurance Industry approved standard.

With a large range to choose from, with prices starting at just over £11.00 for a “café” basic security lock up to £28.00 for an Ultimate Security, insurance approved lock I am sure we can cater for most cyclist needs.

For any advice on locks and how best to use them please feel free to call us or call in for a chat


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