Shimano Di2 Firmware updates and diagnostics at cycle tech oldham

Shimano Di2 Updating and Diagnostics

All computers from time to time require updates to keep them working at their best.  Shimano Ultegra and Dura-ace Di2 are the same.

Any bikes with a Shimano Di2 Group set should have the firmware updates carried out by a Shimano trained Technician.

Shimano release updates periodically which range from an increase in battery life, smooth gear change and general updates therefor keeping your bike working as it should.

An advantage of a computer system is the fact it helps you to find a fault.  As a result of this a Technician can diagnose any faults with a Shimano system.  Quick and accurate diagnostics will result in customers saving time and cash.

All Cycle Tech Oldham staff have been on a Shimano training course and we use Shimano equipment.  In addition updates and Diagnostics can be done whilst the customer waits if pre-booked in.

We can convert most bikes to Di2, If you would like a competative quote, or if you would like any further info about updates or repairing any faults you may have please contact us below



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Madison clothing at Cycle Tech Oldham

With having more retail space we are stocking Madison Cycling clothing & Orbea cycling tops

The Madison winter range is now all in stock with ladies and gents coats, waterproof jackets, shorts, bib-shorts, bib-tights, gloves and overshoes

We will also be adding the Madison clothing to the web site shop over the next month or so



New Bigger shop at Cycle Tech Oldham

Following our move just over a month ago to a fantastic new and bigger 1000 square foot unit in Lees, we finally have the internet working (phones still an issue but we are getting there) and starting to find parts and tools in the various boxes we still need to unpack

With the workshop being a lot bigger we can now repair and service customers bikes a lot quicker and best of all, Elliot and myself are not falling over each other when trying to work

The retail area is also a lot bigger giving us the opportunity to carry a wider range of bikes, accessories and with the extra space we are now stocking Madison clothing, Continental tyres and tubes.

We also decided to go with the Orbea Brand of bikes rather than stock lots of different makes at the new shop, we feel Orbea have a fantastic range of bikes, the warranty and back up is first class and on price comparison they are extremely competitively priced.

Bikes bought from us can be bought in many ways now, cash, card, cycle to work scheme, interest free finance over 12 months or longer terms with finance

We hope our existing  customers will continue to use us and hopefully new customers will come and see us for a look around, plus don’t forget we have free coffee and tea for all customers

Call or use the contact form below, We are always happy to give advice and talk bikes with our customers



DI2 Up-grade at Cycle Tech Oldham & Tameside

Frame swap and Di2 upgrade completed this morning at Cycle Tech Oldham & Tameside, why buy a new bike when you can upgrade for a fraction of the cost?

  • New Frame
  • New Di2 Upgrade kit
  • New Cassette and chain
  • New Saddle
  • Wheels, chain set and brakes used off customers old bike

With Shimano trained staff at Cycle Tech Oldham & Tameside we pride ourselves on being up to date on the latest technology, whether that be Electric bikes or Shimano Di2, giving our customers the confidence that their bike is not only in safe hands, but being worked on by a qualified and experienced Mechanic

Call or contact us to discuss your upgrade




11 Speed Upgrade

11 Speed Shimano 105 Group set upgrade done yesterday in our Oldham Workshop

With the current price deals available on Group sets and upgrade parts we are also happy to fit parts supplied by yourself, (we don’t offer any labour discounts or warranty on parts not supplied by us)

If you are considering any form of upgrade to your bike, group set, electronic gear shifting, suspension, brakes or frame then give us a call or complete the form below and lets see how we can assist you with your upgrade



Shimano Free-hub upgrade at Cycle Tech Oldham

Customer dropped a 1980’s road bike in with a gear indexing fault, the bike is equipped with an early Shimano 105 group set and down tube Indexed shifters

After a quick inspection the rear cassette was found to be worn and bent, requiring a replacement, the early Shimano cassettes were a product called Uniglide and unfortunately the parts are no longer available unless you troll through ebay, but then you run the risk of getting already worn out parts.

The solution was to convert the Uniglide Freehub body to a more modern Hyperglide Freehub body which will allow any Shimano Hyperglide cassette to be fitted to the bike.

Upgrade complete, new cassette and chain fitted, gear change is like new again


If you run a vintage bike and would like to discuss any repairs or conversions then get in touch


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Making a shimano freehub toolStripped uniglide freehub body

Making up a freehub tool                                                                                           Stripping the Uniglide Free hub down


7 speed shimano hyperglide freehub body

                                          7 speed cassette fitted to a new 7 speed Hyperglide Free Hub-body









Shimano DI2 servicing and repairs at Cycle Tech Oldham

If you run a Shimano DI2 group set on your bike then you will be aware how fantastic and reliable the various DI2 systems are.

However from time to time even DI2 needs a mechanical “tweak” or a software update.

At Cycle Tech Oldham our staff (ok me) have been trained by Shimano’s Technical Support Team to maintain your DI2 Group sets as per the manufacturers guidelines, which will get you the best out of your bike.

We can service your DI2 group set as part of a normal bike service or we can carry out a DI2 Group set service on its own.  this includes checking your DI2 for software updates, checking the gears are set up correctly, adjust as required and we can even modify the way it changes gear dependent on how you ride your bike, a rider who races may want it to change gear differently to someone who commutes.

If you don’t currently have DI2 fitted to your bike and would like an upgrade we can also help with that by supplying the correct parts first time and just as important, setting it up correctly, The system uses very powerful moving parts, if they are not set up correctly they can damage your frame.

For further information on DI2 maintenance call in or give us a call


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